If you’re looking for tips on what tools and supplies to gather for cleaning your house, then you came to the right place. In this article, we will provide you a list of the most important cleaning supplies and tools in your home.   


Cleaning Supplies  

  • A reliable wood cleaner to polish your furniture and to keep dust at bay on ceiling fans, vents, and the like;  
  • Dish soap that you can use as an effective spot cleaner for furniture and carpet through simply adding a few drops of it to one cup of water;  
  • Glass cleaner or you can also use your own glass cleaning solution by mixing three cups of water and a few tablespoons of white vinegar;  
  • An abrasive, mild cleaner with bleach for your bathroom in order to get your toilet, grout, shower, and sink sparkling clean;  
  • Baking soda mixed with lemon juice will make the best solution for getting foul odors out of your filthy carpets and rugs;  
  • All-purpose grease cutter in order to clean the countertop, stove, and fridge handles;  


There are actually a lot of broom types available on the market nowadays. However, the typical broom that is made of straw is the one that can definitely hold up well. The moment you get one that has an attached dust pan, then you’re lucky.  


This all-around cleaning equipment will definitely help you save time and money. Make sure that you have a dependable one in your home.  

Bucket and Mop   

No house must be without a mop and bucket. Again, there are a lot of buckets and mops to choose from at different prices. If you purchase one that has a detachable pad, then you have to make sure that the pad is also washable.  


Purchasing sponges with different colors for different jobs will certainly prevent cross contamination from happening in your household. You can prepare one for washing the appliances, one for washing dishes, and one for bathroom cleaning.  


You can also purchase cleaning rags in bulk and they are much less costly than paper towels.  

Toilet Brush  

New toilet brushes nowadays actually have disposable sticks and heads. This means that you get to use fresh and clean brush every time you need to clean the toilet.  

Static Duster  

Surely, you can always utilize cloths to dust. However, you’ll surely thank yourself later on for purchasing a static duster that is usually utilized by professional commercial and residential cleaning service provider. Dust simply sticks to them like glue, which makes it very effective when cleaning surfaces. An easy rinse and as well as air dry keep them fresh and clean.  


One of the most effective disinfectant that you can use is the bleach. However, you have to make sure that you use the bleach that is diluted with water and ensure that you wear gloves when using it. Bleach can be used to effective wipe down surfaces since it kills bacteria.   

Power Washer 

This will help in cleaning stubborn dirt and grime buildup especially in hard to reach areas. However, while this can be a DIY project, it’s still advised that you ask help from a professional pressure cleaning Central Coast service provider in your area.